Weddings are no longer what they were, have passed since those famous breakfasts, celebrating our parents after an early ceremony, to large events and banquets worthy of the highest European Aristocracy; but now all is invented, from the geeks weddings, inspired by the Lord of the Rings in Star Wars, in zero gravity, under the sea, in Harley Davidson Bridal, Green with Sherk and Fiona, who Needless to say, it is amazing what they are willing to invent to make that day unforgettable for some, and of course they get it.
But without having to go to these lengths, estila want to do things differently, with very personal styles where small details are the ones that mark the course of events that important day.

It is said, I was in a gypsy, flamenco wedding, Empress Sissi, jacket, on the beach, among butterflies in a botanical park, in the end are details that make the difference and where aspects such as the space designated for the celebration or ceremony or the theme of the dramatization define the style that will be etched in our memory.

Another aspect to consider is the wedding that require us to travel, which are normally reduced invited groups, and if our pockets we can be eternally grateful to the couple: Weddings on a cliff on a Greek island, a Moraga on the beach, in an Austrian castle, on a Caribbean cruise …., ideas not we lack, but the economy right now is not to fuss.

No need major resources if we put a little imagination, with a few masks and feather boas bought wholesale can make a party at the open bar Belle Epoque or Venetian; with a bonfire to moonlight in June a night of San Juan; with an umbrella lights and a charanga a festival of people; with four lamps, canvases and a poof an Andalusian party; creativity is not incompatible with overspending to do different things.

Dare, the idea is in your hands.