We focus on Sustainability


To achieve these goals is important to note:

1º.- Reducing the negative effects on the environment caused by packaging and other cleaning products intended for such purposes
2º.- support the effort to achieve a sustainable economy with lower CO2 emissions
3º.- offer our clients different possibilities to lower cost.
Protecting our planet 4º.-
5º.- offer a service increasingly valued by our clientes.Para this Gourmet Cobos Catering offset CO2 emissions produced by our business, including our services through “Emission Neutral” part of the program of United Nations Environment Program’s (UNEP) Climate Neutral Netwok. In this way we try to reduce our use of resources and recycle as many waste, recycled materials and other means of regenerative production.
Principle of Sustainability events
Gourmet Cobos Catering is put aim to create positive effects for the environment and society.