Distinguished surprise today means to express our own personality, be creative, show imagination skills and therefore our commitment to remember forever and file on the hard drive of our memory about facts and events that will last over time.

It’s been fashionable these little gifts that the couple gave the end of the banquet tables, which certainly do not keep nor the interested parties, and even repent over the years have done such a thing.

Today and in the case of attention, experiential marketing shows that in addition to seeing and hearing, there are other aspects that human beings captures much more attention than the traditional elements of life. We refer to “feel”, to “think”, “act” and could not miss the “Relate”. These parameters to accommodate banquets our guests will enter a new dimension to the experience in these events until today.

It is difficult to suddenly change all aspects of something that is very institutionalized, but we can always give a bombshell, herbs thrown by the entrance to the arrival of guests; changes formats snacks, mixed with original buffet; some personal touch during dinner and why not, theming open bar with issues such as the Belle Epoque, La Dolce Vita, Chill out, Venetian Carnival, etc …

In the final analysis, we must make our wedding a true party, where each of our guests will remember it for being an active part of it, and where it has been seen in his own person and are not just mere observers, but our performance has been essential to the success of such an event.

Not everything is invented, provoke our friends, they will thank you.