When we decided to get married, we began to ask ourselves a number of questions, if from the outset not to follow the priorities established, can become a real problem as you approach the day so appointed.

To avoid this situation, it is imperative to have an agenda that will orienting us to reach this very important moment, with every aspect and every detail studied and resolved beforehand, so that everything is ready and events unfold with perfectly normal.
A year before we have to decide the date, this haste is due to both parishes and the municipalities, support a great demand for this necessary and if not we perform well in advance, will be very difficult to book the desired day.

Almost at the same time that the Church must reserve space for the celebration; have decided this place is one of the most important things, its location, its characteristics and its limitations involve making decisions together, leaving the specifics for later. Worth noting is studying whether the celebration will take place outdoors or in covered halls, snack areas, options rain or bad weather if necessary, choice catering or if we are obliged to reach an agreement with the restorer official, in this case, have to know what the prices are established and of course that fit our possibilities.

The budget is an important factor, you can make very different tendencies, as in everything, we always spend much more than expected; you need to make a few numbers that allow us to decide at all times, strictly speaking, what items will prevail and how availability will count for each of them.

We will list all the elements necessary for the celebration, in order to see which are the most important and where we have to put more focus, more budget and above all imagination so that everything goes as we intend.

The most important items are, without doubt, the bride and groom costumes, the celebration, the place for it and the honeymoon, although the departure of “several” is always the one that triggers the initial budgets.

Six months before the bride dress and all the accessories will be chosen, and begin to study the budgets of decoration for the church and format as desired bouquet.

At four months, will test menu catering, you will go mulling the possibilities regarding the decoration of the room and all utensils and everything related to the winery, and one could not forget, determine something so important as the duration of the festival that will culminate that day as indicated.

The last three months, if we managed to organize well our agenda, will be devoted to testing suit the bride, the various headdresses and makeup. Moreover, it is also the time of design and distribution of invitations, as well as the delicate task of squaring the list of guests in their corresponding tables, and all this without forgetting, strict monitoring of assists and confirmations .

As we can see, to avoid greater evils in recent weeks, it is necessary to organize our wedding as most events are prepared, in order, foresight and especially with an initial budget to guide us and avoid possible shocks few weeks before ceremony.