We have found that such a basic act as the feed can be staged from the most subtle and at the same time as spectacular.

Royalties in gastronomy have changed the pace of the times, right a few years ago happened today to become obsolete, we are becoming more demanding, the bar professionals are put higher and higher, a sign of evolution, and the essential nature, which is taking everything related to food, and more specifically, with cooking applied to professional events.

Today we must take into account many parameters when hit at a wedding; we have seen how important it is to know the origin of our guests, not to make blunders in such essential concepts when it comes to raw materials and cultural and religious concepts; as well as in hitting, depending on profiles they very well represented by certain figures of characters that distinguish different types of population status, assiduous to participate in this type of eventos.Otro aspect to consider are the expectations created by the various destinations, which are proposed for congressional offices; as well as taking a very professional manner, and based on a well-defined program, make and full of products and raw prime materials “balanced gastronomic project”, taking into account the peculiarities of the region, its culture, its most popular dishes, as well as its transformation today, more sophisticated and avant-garde presentations.
We have also observed, as the staging today has become like a set of permanent TV and live, where we are all actors in a representation, and they could not miss: lights, sets, setting, glamor, music, are today imperative to undertake a good work or day event in our case.

The image of things are much more than the things themselves, and especially their communication prevails.
Today you can not leave anything to chance, and gastronomy, still more so, they should be undertaken by true professionals, restoration projects balanced and thought to who will be targeted, studying all the details surrounding it.
The success of the food at a wedding, is a consolidation of these on the market, actively participating in the success of your call, and its results in getting the approval of his assistants and organizers.