It has been many years, and the model of traditional weddings has changed very little. When invited to a wedding, we do not know whether to rejoice or the opposite, because traces remain in our memory of the past to which we have assisted and almost all the memories soporific incredibly exceed the most fun.
we must not forget that an event of this nature should be remembered as a great party, as one of the happiest days of one of my best friends or a close relative, but the protocol that often we implemented in this type of acts, forces us to keep a kind of ways that makes it virtually impossible to make us move on easy either.

When we decided we were married, our primary objective is that that particular day to be extended forever, the more the better, our unconscious tries to convince us that to look good, everything should be the more abundant better than the appetizer two hours better than that if we put four if the open bar is six hours better than five, rather than three dishes if we give more, better than less; when experience shows hindsight the opposite, that the most elegant is to coordinate the times well, everything in its time, and at all times the most appropriate.

Wedding concept seen from the perspective of the guest quite different from the host; when we start to organize our own, in any case think of others and thus lose the sense of objectivity and how things should be.

Not all have the same parameters, your schedule, the number of guests, time and the weather, the profile of your guests, your expectations, the venue and its conditions, ease of restaurateur in those facilities or the duration banquet; the end of the day, this is, to put it in some way, to make a suit tailored in each case, and in that way acertaremos get the full and objective, have fun and not suffer in the process.

We must make a preliminary examination of how we want to remember our wedding, and to apply the necessary elements for it to come true.