Museo de Carruajes Real Escuela Ecuestre


The museum is housed in what was once the complex bodeguero Pemartín 7,000 m. squares. It was inaugurated on September 17, 2002.
The visitor begins its journey in the major distributor courtyard in the ring surrounded by colorful bougainvillea, olive and orange blossom scent.

From this patio you can watch the horses being wound in a central riding ring, and if you want to sit on the small step that has to do. The tour then will head to the main hall, winery ship that still retains its smell and hearth. In this ship the twelve most significant heritage carriages and fittings and spears are exposed. All perfectly accompanied by a multimedia system that magnifies and becomes even more expressive collection. The carriages are divided according to their use. Thus Sociable, hunting Break, Milord and Fhaeton, are surrounded by windows with caleseras fittings, moñajes and bells. Equipment used most often in Andalusia, where they originate.

While Lando, Cab-French, Hungarian and Duke, are surrounded by the windows with Russian English, Hungarian and mixed dishes, which are with that hook, traditionally.
Each car comes with a full interactive multimedia system in four languages ??(Spanish, English, German and French), which provides information on activity the car, its fittings, types of hooks, its history, its anecdotes and uses and even the car itself in virtual reality.