At first glance seems to be the easiest of all, we tried the menu, and all decided we like, but the reality is that to hit a banquet, we must take into account many more aspects.

Primordial is to know the profile of our guests, their tastes, their expectations, their conception of wedding, and from there we started working on covering first non wrong in hitting with most, later to give the brushstrokes necessary to surprise and overcome their initial aspirations of what will be your celebration.

Although we should not lose sight of it is our wedding, and not that of our guests, it is not true that we should be decided only around our desires, completely ignoring the taste of the audience, which ultimately are the pitfall necessary to complete your happiest day and all’re satisfied.

To begin, always the appetizer, we like and we love this country. However we should not abuse it, because we still have a long day behind and a menu that usually must have sufficient weight to eat alone.

The appetizer serves to accompany those first welcome drinks to whet our appetite, and to satiate that no majority percentage that does not have enough dinner only. It serves accordion to link with food, although in most cases the parties holding most want us, we should not extend it too, because we were quite wrong when the mains are returned to the kitchen practically integers. We do not know if you do not like, if we already have hungry, but the truth is that deslucimos the banquet at its best. The calculation and food portions to apply a priority to hit the menu.

A good menu always begins with a first course surprise that creates expectations that promise and that of course is good; the taste is paramount today, the exquisiteness is the king of the XXI century.

The second dish should be a product, a good fresh fish, good meat, but always quality, choice is limited to jack, queen and king, and here we can never go wrong; meat acertaremos 90% with the priority of the majority, with 70% fish and birds approve miracle.

The dessert should be sensational, the icing on the cake. With a more than good dessert menu and a mediocre average will end up instead with a good menu and an amazing dessert, have a great dinner to remember.

From here we can start with frills, sorbets, pre-desserts, petit-four, but this has a major drawback, dinner is extra time, when reality finds us that we tend to shorten sit in dinner, to avoid losing the rhythm of the party, because let’s not forget, we are having a party, we are celebrating your wedding.