Martelilla livestock, encaste formed from the Conde de la Corte, Juan Pedro Domecq line, has achieved a kind of bull with its own very distinct characteristics.

he work that the owners, Don Juan Pedro Domecq and Don Gonzalo López de Carrizosa, been made since the date of its foundation in 1996, is commendable. Formed in 1996 under Article 62 of the Statute of the Union of Breeders of Fighting Bulls with half of all cattle livestock Marqués de Domecq, he has managed, through a thorough selection and under the direction of Don Gonzalo, its own characteristics. In a very short time they have achieved significant success, with bulls currently demanded by the figures and fight at the main fairs. Not surprisingly, a figurehead of bullfighting as César Rincón always showed his preference for this type of bull.

The prestigious magazine “6 Toros 6” chose, for its regularity and repeated successes as the best livestock in the 2002 season.