Be they have committed! They have decided to take the big step and happiness overwhelms!
After giving the news to family and friends, comes the big question, When is the wedding?

To determine the date of the wedding must take into account many things, you can admire romantic occasions, birthday, anniversary boyfriends, and why not, the alignment of their ruling planets, the Chinese horoscope, the date set for their favorite Astrologer or the full moon day, are valid inspirations to choose the date of marriage.

Whatever their motivation, if you have already announced their commitment, we give some ideas to put date. A significant date, there is nothing more special than choose the day they met, when the first kiss were given, when they had the first appointment, the day boyfriends or that special trip that brought them both officially made. However they must think to choose a different date will give them the opportunity to have several celebrations and celebrate a year and more.

The place and the time of year definitely influence the date, if you dream of a wedding outdoors or in the sand, and with the sound of the sea, should choose sunny days in spring and summer, or if they like the sound of rain and autumn sunsets; climate and depending on time of year will determine the model chosen dress, reception venue, the chosen theme and will mark the start time.

Another option is to choose a holiday, this time much serve the guests who have come from other cities and even other countries, it may take the opportunity to take a short holiday.

They have to have in mind that if you choose dates in high season, prices tend to be higher and the availability of more difficult to reserve spaces.

There are some couples that choose the date thinking on their honeymoon, considering the trip you have dreamed of one day performing and match the weather and the season perfect place to visit.

It is very important to always keep some dates, days between weeks, it is more difficult for guests to attend; coincide with a major sporting event, it is quite possible that many of his friends did not attend or appear too late; high season in their work, they will have a lot of stress thinking about the wedding details and make the outstanding work.

All these reasons are valid for select dates, however, it is appropriate before being carried away by the illusion, consider and begin to define what kind of wedding they want, if the formal or informal, large or intimate with friends and family, should thinking about where they want to do it and so they can define more precisely the date that best fits your wishes.

There is no magic recipe to tell what date to choose, but together must analyze the pros and cons of each of the dates being considered.