Cortijo Montana

The farmhouse Montana is a huge farmhouse that has 20,000m2 halls, warehouses, workshops barns, stables and housing intended for different types of celebrations and activities related to the world of field activities.
Spaces and capacities
The farmhouse is surrounded by 100,000m2 dedicated to holding. It has in its central part with Balcony Montana hill from which you can see the Jerez countryside. From the hill you can enjoy great views of the Rincon, vineyards and irrigated lands.
To the right of the farmhouse you can find the garden of 1200m2 and on your left you have the sun 1,300m2.
Both places are commonly used for receiving guests at the celebrations being an ideal place for an aperitif or welcome drink, especially local wines served by the venenciador.
The riding school is next to the garden and is decorated with special lighting for night. In it the dressage horse shows are held thoroughbreds:
• Long Reins
• High school
• Classical
• VaqueraAdemás, the farmhouse has a stone patio of 420m2, which can be covered with awnings, which can accommodate 250 guests. From this, you can access the covered lounge Gañania which has a capacity for about 120 guests and is perfect for making dinners and lunches. Gañania has 180m2 and it can be performed flamenco shows or performances orquestas.Otro of the main halls of this farm is home machine that is accessed by the sun and is connected to the Gañanía lounge. House Machine has a CAPACITY for 500 people and 490m2.
The farm has several spaces dedicated to the kitchen and has several areas for ladies and gentlemen services. All these spaces can be rented for groups over 50 people.
other facilities
Account abroad with a large parking lot where you can park about 300 cars. It also has trailers and tractors which makes possible the realization of the banquet at the Balcony of Montana, an ideal venue for events such as the rociero Renge for its breathtaking views.
Other services
The Gañania room can accommodate business meetings, conferences, seminars, etc. as it is fully equipped to perform this service:
• Slates
• Slideshow
• Equipment for transparencies
• Computer
• Canyon
In addition, suitable for conferences and seminars in the House Machine hall for 600 people and you have the following services:
• Slates
• Slideshow
• Equipment transparencies
• Computers
• CañónLa farm also offers the possibility of other activities such as:
• Animations: can be made Gymkhana and other games inspired by the world of golf.
• rocieros trailer rides: you have the possibility of including a rociero Renge on the Balcony of Montana and last an hour and a half.
• equestrian dressage exhibitions: lasting about three quarters of an hour in dressage include: long rein, classic, high school, cowgirl, etc.
• Weddings, baptisms, first communions: best services local catering companies.
• Festivals and camp meetings.
• Meals and dinners: best catering services in the province.
• Parades, demonstrations and presentations: for any item or product.
• Directorships: you can enjoy a family atmosphere in the field.
• Conventions and conferences: for up to 400 people.