How difficult is it right with time at a wedding, the bride is always late, it is the tradition, the priest always lengthens the sermon and the signing of the witnesses never taken into account, to start and took more than half an hour delay and have not yet begun.
It is a priority in any kind of events that price, be punctual in their performances, and weddings much we want excuse them, should be an example of well-organized and coordinated acts, if we really want to look good with our guests and not make them suffer more than they should in these cases.

We have already spoken in the small delay of the bride on arrival at the church, is the tradition, and traditions are to be fulfilled, but from the moment we regulate the times so that your guests will thank you forever .

After the wedding ceremony and subsequent signing of witnesses, it is common that some friends of the couple wait them out of the church in order to congratulate them and sometimes usually throw grains of rice or flower petals, but the logical and ethical, in these cases, is that most guests stay in their places so you can see parading the bride and groom at their wedding walk toward the door.

Following the rules of protocol, once outside the site of the ceremony, the bride and groom should take the road to the venue, where one by one to receive their guests, who blessed them and desire a marriage filled with happiness.

In this way, we avoided double greetings and kisses, both out of the church and upon arrival at the banquet, this performance is much more elegant, and in turn, we have managed to put some order out of the ceremony, because everyone is launched to hunt kiss the bride and groom embrace, with the consequent delay in most cases, more than one hour. The bride and groom begin to take control of your happiest day, enjoying the appetizer with the people you really want to share it, on the other hand, if your arrival is later than that of their guests, they would suffer the same avalanche of hugs and kisses that few minutes before, they had suffered at the exit of the church, immersing himself in a cloud of which will be hard to leave.

Thus the appetizer can be given in times and ways, all guests arrive, greet the couple and the catering service is going basis with solemnity, as each of the guests deserve.

When sitting at lunch or dinner, we must always take into account between 15 and 20 minutes for all take their seat, which as usual will be assigned tables; very important in these cases that the couple themselves first, otherwise no one will sit and begin to accumulate delays, with the consequent desperation of the guests feel.

And finally, the exaggerated hour open bar we set, the ideal that whatever they are, are lived with intensity, but not lengthen the time we will spend better.

The important thing, as you may have deduced, having attended many social events and weddings, is that time, this treasure so precious for all elapse smoothly, no waiting, no delays; we can conclude that we have enjoyed every minute has passed and not the hours we had to wait to enjoy a minute.