Castillo de Almodovar

Almodóvar Castle is a military fortress of Arab origin from the year 740, the Arabs built taking advantage of an old building of primitive times. He had great importance in the defense of the city of Cordoba for its strategic location since it is situated on a hill about 200m. River Guadalquivir at that time was navigable by small boats shore.

After the Reconquest by Fernando III “The Saint” The castle is subjected to successive enlargements by Castellanos Reyes specifically by D. Pedro I of Castile yEnrique II of “Trastámara”. Later in 1629 it is sold by King Philip IV to D. Francisco de Corral and Guzman and since then has belonged to the same family. The castle is now kept in a magnificent condition thanks to the restoration carried out by its owner XIIº Conde de Torralva, D. Rafael Farina Desmaissieres and from 1901-1936 the Spanish Civil War began.

Traces of multiple cultures, such as the Muslim and Christian, have marked the exquisite style of an incomparable setting.