Casa Salinas

House-palace of the XVI century, located in the historic center of Seville, next to the Cathedral, Los Reales Alcázares and Archivo de Indias, ideal for holding exclusive business events (gala dinners, presentations, concerts, conferences …) place .

In the sixteenth century Seville was the most important city in Europe. At the port came the riches of the New World, which is then distributed throughout the continent. Here coin minted in gold and silver from America. They called Nova Roma, by its splendor, and it came the best Italian and Flemish artists of the moment.

The best Renaissance was combined with Gothic and Mudéjar in a harmony of unique styles in the world.In this context up Salinas House.

Located in the monumental area of ??Seville Old Town, a short walk from the cathedral, La Giralda and the Alcazar, this house shared with other mansions neighborhood illustrious and wealthy people. Baltasar Jaen, first home owner and founder of primogeniture own, belonged to one of these lineages.

In the early twentieth century, the house became the property of the Salinas family, who underwent a delicate and painstaking restoration process to restore its original appearance, which had been altered in part with interventions throughout their four years history, and especially around 1900.

At present, it shows off its primitive structures of the sixteenth century with elements from the time of its construction, esthetically harmonized as reflected in its warm and comfortable interiors.