Bodegas Fundador

The Founder Bodegas are the oldest in Jerez. They were founded in 1730, and at that time still vestiges that can be seen during the visit, which can become a true guide for the City. The facilities are located at the entrance at the gates of Rota, well known because in that place one of the gates of the Arab wall that surrounded the city during the Middle Ages it was.
A beautiful garden of 1823 is unmatched for what is going to see inside porch. Because of its location, the Domecq wineries are perfectly integrated into the urban design Jerez eighteenth century.
Their wines sleep in five main buildings linked by streets themselves, as if it were a small city within a city.

The winery El Castillo is obliged to check how Domecq facilities have respected the urban heritage of the city where they settle, because inside you can see one of the towers that protected the entrance to Jerez step. Here lay the knights who provided support to the Christian troops in battles against the Almohads.