Experience in big events


Gourmet Cobos Catering is specialized in ephemeral assemblies and large events. For each of the events, we have the ability to understand our customer’s needs and plan services so that neither the number of guests or the characteristics of space are an obstacle to a fluid and harmonious service where everything flows to the perfection.

For Gourmet Cobos Catering, experience is our guarantee.

The safety and success of hitting big events!

Our experience supports the implementation of major events throughout our country, such as:
Summit of Heads of State of European Union more than 15,000 people.
Annual Meeting of UNESCO with 3,000 diners
Andalusian fair in Munich for 3,500 diners.
Paris 1,000 people.
Rome 1,000 people.
Turin 800 guests.
theme parties throughout the country from 500 to 2,000 diners